A4 Size White Self Adhesive Label / Sticker for Printer (Inject / Copier / Laser) – 1 Sticker Per Sheet – 100 Sheets pack

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A4 Size Label Sticker Sheets Pack of 100 with Premium Quality Adhesive, made in India.
Available in various sizes (Stickers in Sheet)
Sticker Paper is ideal for Ink Jet, Ink Jet Color, Laser, Copier & Matrix printers.
Set Content:- 1 Packet of 100 Sheets each
Guaranteed Jam Free for Laser printer
Super White Base paper for high printing quality
No toner flaking or Ink smudging.
Precise Cutting For Ease Of Printing and Peeling.

 247.00 + GST

In stock

VCR Label Sheets are used as a label, Colour coding, Barcoding, packaging, shipping labels, and any other surface to address value to the product.


  • A4 Size Label Sticker Sheets Pack of 100 with Premium Quality Adhesive, made in India.
  • Available in various sizes (Stickers in Sheet)
  • Sticker Paper is ideal for Ink Jet, Ink Jet Color, Laser, Copier & Matrix printers.
  • Set Content:- 1 Packet of 100 Sheets each
  • Guaranteed Jam Free for Laser printer
  • Super White Base paper for high printing quality
  • No toner flaking or Ink smudging.
  • Precise Cutting For Ease Of Printing and Peeling.


  • High-Quality Standards of Adhesives specially to withstand Inkjet, Laser printers.
  • Permanent adhesive ensures bright white labels stay secure.
  • Ideal for Home, School & Office use. Easy to Use.
  • Use for Addressing, Shipping, Files & Folders, Industrial Labeling, Tabs, Colour Coding, Bar Coding, Packaging & CD Labeling.
  • Various size options make Perfect Labeling Solution.

Safety And Storage Instruction

  • Avoid Heat and Direct Sunlight.
  • Do not remove release liner while printing.
  • Handle by edges
  • Avoid Moisture and Finger Prints.
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 3 cm

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4.2 overall

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  1. Dev


    Love to use it.


  2. kunal✅

    Best in class

    Easy to use.Best in classStick perfectly.Very good quality 


  3. Catherine JonesCatherine Jones

    Very nice stickers

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     Very nice glossy A5 stickers. Exactly A5 ,very accurately cut. I use it to make stickers, tapes and covers for books and boxes. I use white paper sticker for making vintage stickers and sticky notes.I also print on the backside of the sticker paper with normal paper settings. It’s very smooth like butter paper. After using the sticker , I get a patterned butter paper to wrap things with.All this was printed using Epson L405. In printer features , set the resolution to 720, set the quality to “best” and see the magic happen.For glossy stiker paper choose media type as glossy. For white stiker paper choose media type as plain paper.

    Catherine JonesCatherine Jones

  4. Prateek

    Ok quality Paper

    The paper quality is of very low standard, its seems like they have made sticky paper out of standard A4 sheet.Ink gets removed upon touch, imagine what will happen to your shipment when all info scrub off the label


  5. Ayesha Ansari

    Sooo nicee

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     The product is very nice ! The packagingis excellent. Amazing work …Thankyou for free glossy sticker papers 💕

    Ayesha Ansari

  6. Abigail kezia

    adhesive is bad

    The quality of the sheet is good but the adhesive is not good it peels off within minitues I”m quite disappointed about the adhesive

    Abigail kezia

  7. Ritu


    It was amazing the produt was in nice package and I got 5 free transparent glossy sheet A5 size worth the money pls buy

    One person found this helpful






  9. Venka


    Good product, serves the purpose. Able to print using inkjet printer


  10. sarvjit

    Nice product.Overall

    Value for money product.nice purchase


  11. mie

    The product is good but the quality is avg. Work perfectly. Value for money.


  12. Rahul Jawale

    Does not jam the printer unlike the other brands

    I have been using Desmat all these years. But Desmat paper had the tendency to jam the printer roller mechanism once in a while. But not a single time did True Ally paper jammed in my printer. Highly recommended.

    Rahul Jawale

  13. Gurumurthy

    Sticker paper

    This works very well for my grandson’s LKG teaching aid.



    I am Happy

    Good Product and Cherian Enterprises Packing Very Good With Cheap Price


  15. MAHESH

    strong adhesives

    strong adhesive even paper to paper and charts……


  16. Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

    High quality must buy

    Loved the quality of these pages! Adhesion is very good, and easy to use! Recommended.

    Kindle CustomerKindle Customer


    print & paper quality as well as thickness of paper is not good

    Ashesion is good, but print & paper quality as well as thickness of paper is not good


  18. Mohd Suhail

    Quality not good

    Gumming quality paper quality not good at all

    Mohd Suhail

  19. Rupam saha

    Very good quality product.. perfect.. I love it.

    Very good..

    Rupam saha

  20. santosh kumar

    It’s ok

    For me it’s ok

    santosh kumar

  21. Eptifa haque

    Good 👍👍


    Eptifa haque

  22. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Value for money,cheap and good quality

    • Easily printable• good print quality• just check before hand which side need to be printed• Now will probably use it to make anime sticker 🌝

    Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

  23. P.vetrivel


    Very good product


  24. Abdul Washim

    Excellent!! 👍👍👍

    Adhesive is good. Perfect for printing labels, stickers, etc. Cut on the edge is actually usefull. So, there is no problem removing the sticker from its back layer (unlike others those sticker paper that get torn while removing the back layer.

    Abdul Washim

  25. pardeep kumar



    pardeep kumar

  26. Soumen D.

    Excellent product

    Excellent paper in minimum price.

    Soumen D.

  27. Dipjyoti Sharma


    Good quality product

    Dipjyoti Sharma

  28. S Chakraborty

    Good product

    Will recommend

    S Chakraborty

  29. Rahul Modak

    VCR A4 labeling paper is awesome.

    Printing quality is excellent in inkjet printers but didn’t print well on a laser printers. After laser printing, inks did not absorb/bind to paper well and smudged upon touching with fingers. Paper thickness is good and the paper didn’t bend after printing. We could cut the labels/stickers with a laser vinyl cutting machine and really happy about it. The paper do not stick well on plastic microcentrifuge tubes, so we are using Cellotape over the label. We have not tried it on other surfaces so can’t comment about it. We tried the same printing+cutting applications with other brands of papers like IMsticky and Oddy, however, they did not perform well. Both of them come with thinner paper which bends after printing. Once the paper is bent, laser cutting does not work well and we ended up with lots of wastage. Overall VCR paper is by far best for our purposes, though it’s most expensive among all the available labeling papers.

    Rahul Modak

  30. sivakumar

    Nice one

    I like it a lot since it’s like a regular paper and not glossy finish, it takes less printing ink, and stick very well, thanks


  31. Seyon Ajay



    Seyon Ajay

  32. Rony

    Very good

    Good quality


  33. praveen gopalan

    awesome packaging , very surprising!

    A.N traders deserves a special mention for the product packaging which i have never seen before! the sheets are also first class and the extra vinyl sticker sheets is a real steal deal! keep it up!

    praveen gopalan

  34. Anish P A



    Anish P A

  35. Jiten M.

    Value for money

    Value for money, good Product

    Jiten M.

  36. Lavanya

    Great Product

    Helps me a lot with my work! 


  37. KumarKumar

    Good sticker paper

    Very good quality product. Good. High-Quality Standards of Adhesives, bright white labels. Pack of 100 at this price is absolutely value of money.


  38. Parameshwari T

    It’s fun and useful.

    Great to print out and stick anything like labels or addresses.

    Parameshwari T

  39. Pyramid Marketing


    The paper is not thick enough, not white enough, not shining enough. Hence, not suitable for me

    Pyramid Marketing

  40. Vaghela P.

    2nd class quality

    Not as per a showing in the image

    Vaghela P.

  41. Pritha

    good product

    used for school project. good product.


  42. G1_Nk

    Awesome product

    Paper quality & adhesive is great. Absolutely loved it.I used it to print sticker via Inkjet printer & it looked fab.Only problem was that after custom print & cutting, peeling off the sticker was a bit tricky.Very satisfied.


  43. Taru Agarwal

    No adhesive in the STICKER sheets

    Very disappointing. The adhesive was dry and these were just plain thick sheets of paper. I had sent these as a gift to my niece and you can imagine her disappointment! Sad.

    Taru Agarwal

  44. Trendbell Global

    Good product quality

    Good product quality

    Trendbell Global

  45. Alkesh Shah

    Adhesion is not best

    Print quality is average , adhesion is not best.

    Alkesh Shah

  46. Sanchita SantraSanchita Santra

    It’s really great😄

    I really like it😄 I was a little worried if the paper would be too thin but it’s not. It’s actually really good and the prints look great.

    Sanchita SantraSanchita Santra

  47. saakshishandilyasaakshishandilya

    Really good

    Packaging was good. The sheets are good for printing and I could color it also…adhesiveness is fine and you could peel if off easily without any damage. Wish it could be in gloss finish also. But at this price, it is really good. 


  48. Swapnil Satish Deokar

    Paper quality and adhesion is good

    Paper quality and adhesion is good

    Swapnil Satish Deokar


    Solvent not good..!

    Adhesion with Corrugated is very poor.Also print is erased easily.Not good for commercial use,Best for children’s Craft.


  50. Amazon Customer

    Very good product

    Very good product

    Amazon Customer

  51. Lanumongla L.Lanumongla L.

    Better quality

    The print quality was so good n this paper will look good in colour print but I did black print for testing n still look good n I got free a3 glossy paper! Thank u!! 

    Lanumongla L.Lanumongla L.

  52. Arjit Chauhan

    Good enough

    This is good but smoothness and glossyness is not as expected.

    Arjit Chauhan

  53. Asavi


    It has a matte finish. We can use it on any printer and can also use acrylics and pencils on them. Very satisfied with the product. 


  54. Bells


    Wat a great advertising strategy…never got the photo glossy sheet .dont fall for scam


  55. Mukund Joshi

    Very nice quality…best sticker sheet….worth the money!!!!

    I like it just the way i imagined….worth the money for sure.

    Mukund Joshi

  56. Kumar PS

    Needs improvement.

    Product is OK, works with Laser printer, however fades very fast upon touch. Not very useful over a period.

    Kumar PS


    Awesome Product

    Recently I Brought the A4 Size Adhesive Paper for Amazon/Flipkart Packaging (Label Printing)Really Awesome Print Through Inkjet Printer (Using EPSON L130). No Ink Smudge Issue.Great Matt Finish Quality of the Gum Stick Very StronglyValue for the Money. I’m Very Satisfied with the Product. Thank You !!! 👍👍 


  58. Anugraha N.

    Good quality sticker

    All over good

    Anugraha N.

  59. Imtiyaz pagdiwala

    Photo print after 3-4 hour colour chenge

    Not good

    Imtiyaz pagdiwala

  60. Rony

    Gum quality

    Not good


  61. sunita sonthalia ( SKYCULTURE)

    good quality

    good quality

    sunita sonthalia ( SKYCULTURE)

  62. Iswarya

    Awesome, best option

    Awesome, the best option, good quality


  63. Seraj ahmad

    V good

    V good

    Seraj ahmad

  64. Swarupananda Saikia

    Just okay

    It’s just an okay product. Print quality is not sharp and looks faded. Sticks well.

    Swarupananda Saikia

  65. Mahendran

    Not glossy

    Just shelves adhesive A4 sheet. Not glossy. Value for money


  66. T’joe

    Good. Recommended to buy

    June 2021I used only 2 sheets. Till now it’s good, adhesion,but it’s not cheap. 


  67. Tayyeba


    Perfect to use for writing something and using as labels. Hand drawn stickers will be the best. Good kids to experiment

    One person found this helpful


  68. MG

    Nice product

    Nice product.. using it for a while.. adhesion is good.. got with good packing


  69. Arnav raj

    Good in quality

    Extra ordinary product free 10 photo glossy paper

    Arnav raj





  71. tanuja s.tanuja s.

    it’s very convenient

    the printing quality i really nice and it sticks on so well! i used them for laptop stickers and it’s pretty easy to use i’d say. i only found it a bit difficult to peel the sticker off from the paper, but otherwise i love it.

    tanuja s.tanuja s.

  72. Mr.NT

    Good quality product

    High quality sticker paper. It does what it is built for. Thanks seller..!

    One person found this helpful


  73. Ribson




  74. Dr. Priti Singh

    it’s swag

    I really don’t know why people gave it low rating it’s perfectly fine and works as intended 🙂 if you are looking forward to buying this to be aesthetic GO FOR IT!!!

    Dr. Priti Singh

  75. sneha k.



    sneha k.

  76. Amazon Customer

    worth it

    Satisfied. Will order again

    Amazon Customer

  77. Abhijit Deshpande


    Excellent product.. thanks Amazon

    Abhijit Deshpande

  78. Harsha

    Good product

    Good product 


  79. B Shah

    Product is excellent

    Delivered as promised 

    B Shah

  80. Suvendu

    Wastage of Money.

    Wastage of money. Product quality is very bad and also its not a glossy paper. So product wise with delivery charge its very costly.


  81. Sharath

    Good Quality

    Great product with good value for money.


  82. Ramkumar

    Very good product

    Very good product


  83. Doyel mazumderDoyel mazumder

    Lovely product

    Adhesion _good.Packaging_good.Material thickness_good.Can you use markers on them? YES.Pencil colour? YES.DOES it tear off easily while rubbing_NO.Haven’t used for printing yet, so will update the review after use.But it is a must buy if you want to make your own stickers and is a beginner like me. I am happy with the product.Update: I used them to print my stickers. It turned out great. Obviously not like store bought stickers, but works really good.Definitely go for this product. 

    Doyel mazumderDoyel mazumder

  84. Customer


    Nice product


  85. Rushabh Shah

    Not suitable for Inkjet

    Couldn’t be used for Inkjet printers

    Rushabh Shah

  86. Amazon Customer


    Worth the buy!

    Amazon Customer

  87. Zainub shahZainub shah

    matte finish. and good.

    it’s a matte finish, plus i received 5 additional vinyl sheets. they’re good

    Zainub shahZainub shah

  88. peerayya. Jayanna

    Good paper quality

    Best in quality.

    One person found this helpful

    peerayya. Jayanna

  89. harshaharsha

    Good price

    It’s paper like.. No gloss finish or matt.. Itbis how I want


  90. Urmish

    Best quality

    Paper quality and adhesion quality is good


  91. Amazon customer

    Quality product

    Good quality product.

    Amazon customer

  92. Amazon reviewerAmazon reviewer

    Print quality is ok ok, not suitable for photo printing purpose

    Waste of money not at all value for money these sheets are like normal A4 sheets with adhesive stickers, purely waste of money.Print quality is very very bad.These sheets are not at all suitable for photo printing in inktank printer 12067

    Amazon reviewerAmazon reviewer

  93. Sivakumar Annamalai

    adhesive is not enough

    its matte finish… its not shiny or glassy… adhesive is not good enough..

    Sivakumar Annamalai

  94. thiru

    Ok to buy, reasonable

    Good quality,Ok to buy, reasonable, printable in normal printers


  95. Amazon Customer

    Met the expectations

    Good product… I bought this just to paste the address… but this is helping me in fulfilling sudden labeling requirements of my products too. Thank you

    Amazon Customer

  96. Dolly Sharma

    Love it

    Really nice product also give free 10 glossy sticker paper

    Dolly Sharma

  97. TechGuru@RjTechGuru@Rj

    Excellent Packing

    Good Quality.. Excellent packing.


  98. Niket Mehta


    Papers r nice but little bit on yellow side …Print are clear ..Downpoint in this Papers is U need to be real careful while cutting the edges otherwise adhesive won’t come off .. otherwise if really good

    Niket Mehta

  99. D.srivalli

    Good quality

    Good quality and packaging also very good and adhesion is strong . Overall liked the product


  100. Devadas Mohan

    How to refund my cash..??

    Quality issues

    Devadas Mohan

  101. Rangnath S

    Good Quality

    Good quality. Served my purpose.

    Rangnath S

  102. Mohd Murtuza Shaikh

    Good Quality but Bit Expensive

    Good Paper Quality but Bit Expensive

    Mohd Murtuza Shaikh

  103. Aditya

    Not glossy and cutting marks around

    It adhesion is strong and got 100 counts. But the paper surface is not glossy, it’s just like normal writing paper. Also, there are cut marks around the border. So, you can’t utilise the entire area.


  104. SUNIL

    Duplicate products

    Duplicate products


  105. TURAM G

    Wow nice..

    Nice product for me..


  106. Jaya Pawar

    Excellent product

    Excellent product

    Jaya Pawar

  107. Suman Sharma

    Value For Money

    The Paper Quality Is Very Good, But It Should Be Clearly Mentioned That It Is Plain Matte Paper. I Brought It Thinking It Will Be Glossy. But I Was In A Hurry. Over All Good Value For Money.

    Suman Sharma

  108. Aruna devi


    Value for money

    Aruna devi

  109. Amazon Customer

    Not happy

    Adhesion is very bad

    Amazon Customer

  110. Sourav Koley

    Papers are ok

    The papers are ok but the packaging was not good. Pins on packages were rusty. Just two packages were taped together, no outer packaging. 

    Sourav Koley






    Good Product

    Price is towards higher side and can be reduce


  113. Karthik




  114. Em

    Read my story

    I was going to return it. And write that it doesn’t even stick. But it was stupid of me to print it other way around and was trying to paste the side that doesn’t have the adhesive. Just got the brains on time before returning. Great product. Recommended. 


  115. Ratnesh singh


    Print quality is good

    Ratnesh singh

  116. Shuvojoy Chowdhury

    Useful product

    While it’s quite useful for personal use, it’s a bit difficult to remove the sticker back. Separating at the edges can be frustrating. Although once it separates a bit, the adhesive cover comes off easily.

    Shuvojoy Chowdhury

  117. Pavan

    Don’t buy

    When we print images on this paper, the image colour changes into different colour


  118. Mandira b.


    Good for personal use. Won’t recommend if you want to start your stickee business

    Mandira b.

  119. Sunil

    Paper quality is very👿

    Paper 📄quality is not good enough to useVery low quality don’t bye




    Adhesive good, packing good and overall ok. But 99 received.1 less from 100. 


  121. Bmore

    Not waterproof not for printing labels.

    Three stars is for the very strong adhesive otherwise would have given 1 star! Product, as mentioned, can be used for labelling and other uses for industries but the problem is even after printing from high-quality printer the colour gets smashed because the paper is not waterproof. I used it for labelling my products but got dissapointed when a drop of water in 1 label smashed the colour. 


  122. Shashank

    Good quality

    Good quality


  123. Binod kumar tamangBinod kumar tamang


    The stickers came out pretty well.The adhesion seems just fine.And the best part was that I got free 10 A5 size glossy sticker paper with it.All in all a good product for the price range.

    Binod kumar tamangBinod kumar tamang

  124. Mandeep Singh



    Mandeep Singh


    Good one

    Good one


  126. S S Maan

    OK OK Type product

    not very , not very good,its an Ok Ok type of product

    S S Maan

  127. vineeth

    It is very nice

    It doesn’t stick to plastic


  128. sanjay haldhar


    Good for normal purpose sticker sheet.Good quality adhesive.

    sanjay haldhar

  129. Sushil

    Adhesive paper

    Hello guysRecently I brought the a4 size adhesive paper for the my collage projects.It’s very helpful in laser printing.Good quality of the gum stick very strongly.Value for the money.I m very satisfied with the product.Thanks.👍👍 



    Only Nice

    Not same that I was expecting and also late delivery. Only nice for this.


  131. Anand


    Super quality


  132. Riya Ray Balwani

    Its not glossy but still good

    The sheet is not at all glossy, it’s like a normal a little hard paper. But the stickiness is really good. Buy if only want to want print something and stick it easily. But remember that the sheet is not glossy at all.

    Riya Ray Balwani