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Product Information

We recommend that before picking your product you should consider the packing of your

made to order product.

We suggest, you should ensure that the surface room is cooler than 30 degrees and the ground space should be even, dry, and clean.

Surfaces like Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon, Powder Coated metals; Special Coated or Treated Papers are difficult to bond.

Silicone Rubber and Teflon should be avoided from bonding. Please contact our office desk to more about it in detail.

BOPP tapes are Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film plus acrylic adhesive coating Tapes.

Injection Moulded Plastics, Plasticised Vinyl, and Rubber Mixtures require caution.

It is not easy to remove the residue of any BOPP tape but Industrial Cleaner can be used to remove residue from most products.

Yes. We can offer bespoke products. We can split tape into size, print tape with the message of your choice, and provide custom shapes. For more information Please contact our office desk.

If you desire further clarity or response to any question you think is unanswered above
please contact us
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Email us at info@cherianenterprises.com

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