A4 Size White Self Adhesive Label / Sticker for Printer (Inject / Copier / Laser) – 4 Sticker Per Sheet – 100 Sheets pack

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A4 Size Label Sticker Sheets Pack of 100 with Premium Quality Adhesive, made in India.
Available in various sizes (Stickers in Sheet)
Sticker Paper is ideal for Ink Jet, Ink Jet Color, Laser, Copier & Matrix printers.
Set Content:- 1 Packet of 100 Sheets each
Guaranteed Jam Free for Laser printer
Super White Base paper for high printing quality
No toner flaking or Ink smudging.
Precise Cutting For Ease Of Printing and Peeling.

 247.00 + GST

In stock

VCR Label Sheets are used as a label, Colour coding, Barcoding, packaging, shipping labels, and any other surface to address value to the product.


  • A4 Size Label Sticker Sheets Pack of 100 with Premium Quality Adhesive, made in India.
  • Available in various sizes (Stickers in Sheet)
  • Sticker Paper is ideal for Ink Jet, Ink Jet Color, Laser, Copier & Matrix printers.
  • Set Content:- 1 Packet of 100 Sheets each
  • Guaranteed Jam Free for Laser printer
  • Super White Base paper for high printing quality
  • No toner flaking or Ink smudging.
  • Precise Cutting For Ease Of Printing and Peeling.


  • High-Quality Standards of Adhesives specially to withstand Inkjet, Laser printers.
  • Permanent adhesive ensures bright white labels stay secure.
  • Ideal for Home, School & Office use. Easy to Use.
  • Use for Addressing, Shipping, Files & Folders, Industrial Labeling, Tabs, Colour Coding, Bar Coding, Packaging & CD Labeling.
  • Various size options make Perfect Labeling Solution.

Safety And Storage Instruction

  • Avoid Heat and Direct Sunlight.
  • Do not remove release liner while printing.
  • Handle by edges
  • Avoid Moisture and Finger Prints.
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 3 cm

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  1. Sanmati Enterpries

    Good Product, Value for Money

    Sanmati Enterpries

  2. Vignesh


    Quality is good.


  3. c.jung

    Not bed


  4. NIYO




  5. shailaja sharma

    Good Buy

    Good BuyThe sticker is plain and not glossy

    shailaja sharma

  6. Aditi Sharma

    Great product, made my work easy!

    Great product and great quality.

    Aditi Sharma

  7. Vikas G

    Quality product

    Quality product for packaging

    Vikas G

  8. Adyaah Innovations Pvt Ltd

    Best Does your work

    very nice

    Adyaah Innovations Pvt Ltd

  9. pk


    Adhesive not great


  10. Shakeel Ahmed


    Great quality

    Shakeel Ahmed

  11. Nistaksh Designs

    VCR Product

    It does not seem like a VCR Product. Neither on the packet nor on the pages company name is mentioned. poor quality paper as per price.

    Nistaksh Designs

  12. Yogen Sinh

    Fast Delivery-Good Product

    M In Delhi But still takes loads of effort to Locate Specific Product. This A4 with Fours Nos 4×6 Stickers Labels actually required for Printing VCR labels for me as a Seller on itself.
    Fast 2 Days DeliveryProduct Good for Intended purposeHappy Selling

    Yogen Sinh

  13. Ankit

    Nice Product


  14. Hemanth Kumar

    Good sheets for printing

    Good sheets for printing

    Hemanth Kumar

  15. HKS

    Great Quality

    True to the claims of the company 👍


  16. Kishor Meswani


    no complains so far

    Kishor Meswani

  17. Aiman Khatoon

    Very good

    Value for money

    Aiman Khatoon

  18. VCR Customer

    Quality at a decent price

    the adhesion is perfect, paper doesn’t get stuck in the printer

    VCR Customer

  19. Prajakta

    Very good quality

    Very good paper quality and adhesive is also very strong.


  20. Afroz

    Good product

    Good product


  21. avc

    Adhesive not good.

    Adhesive not at all strong.


  22. REDDY M.

    Good products

    Good products

    REDDY M.


    Good quality & fast delivery

    the product quality is good and delivery is fast.


  24. Indian Yards

    Value for money.

    Good stuff. Arrived in good condition and does the job!

    Indian Yards

  25. A J

    Good quality

    Using it for printing courier labelsGood quality adhesive and paper

    A J

  26. VCR Customer



    VCR Customer

  27. kapil.arora

    Good product

    Good product overall


  28. Roy_Trusted

    Need Better Packaging

    Let’s start with good things about your product.
    Pros – Perfect Size and Cut for the both A4 size shipping label and for the product label type also.
    The adhesive is good but could have been much better but still, it does the job.
    So overall good product. Now the main part.

    Cons – This is not a book that you could send it like a book packaging, we had to use it through the machine where the book is read by us while holding or placing down. Improve your packaging especially from the four corner side or cover them with something hard so they don’t get bent bcoz the product which I have received it is getting wasted every time I put inside my printer it gets stuck, so it’s my loss every time. I tried to fix it by allowing pressure but nah its not worthwhile.Its my request plz fix it for everyone so when I’m gonna order next time I get the perfect one just like others..No hard feelings plz as a seller myself I understand how it hurts but you should improve plz.. Ty cheers  


  29. Nisha Choudhary

    Didn’t work for me it’s a waste

    Very thick paper not even entering into printer. Not for printer 1110

    Nisha Choudhary

  30. Jenny

    Not the top quality, it’s a cheap-looking sticker sheets

    We use it for courier packages…and It is lot cheaper looking than what we got from copy shops – We used to got stickers printed from stationary shops before we got printer.Is is matt and rough looking paper. I believe adhesive must be ok since I got no issues with delivery so far.. but printing quality is not best. How can we reach out to customer care? 


  31. Usama

    The paper is slight yellowish colour.

    The paper is slightly yellowish. Not clear white. But its ok.


  32. Suhas Ramegowda

    Does the job well!

    Adhesiveness is good, the print quality is good. Serves the purpose well. We use this for printing shipping labels. Perfect for our purpose.

    Suhas Ramegowda

  33. ashok




  34. Mr Nair

    High quality paper used

    Sticky label works perfectly and once it pasted cannot be removed from produc. I like it quality is also nice and can easily be pasted.

    Mr Nair

  35. VCR Customer

    sorry, too poor product

    This product is not good. very difficult to remove the label from the sticky paper 

    VCR Customer

  36. SRI




  37. Pankaj vaghela

    Superb quality paper

    Superb products like it

    Pankaj vaghela

  38. Mourya makemytrip


    Super fine quality product. Keep its quality no 1 Forever and ever

    Mourya makemytrip

  39. Tameem Abbas

    Paper quality is good

    Good quality paper

    Tameem Abbas

  40. Hemant S.

    Gets stuck in normal laserjet printer

    Good but gets stuck in the printer sometimes

    Hemant S.

  41. VCR Customer



    VCR Customer

  42. rangarajan

    Good product. Serves the purpose.

    Excellent quality paper. Have been using this for my VCR orders. Print is smudge-proof and the adhesive is good enough.


  43. Madhu

    Not Sticking Properly – Need to use tape from outside.

    We earlier used to print in A4 sheet and paste it over the package. Then thought of having this to save time. But this too has low strength. Coming out from edges. Need to use tape again.Easy to use, but expected more glue.


  44. Shreyans Jhaveri

    One of the few really good label sheets

    The labels are extremely good, easy to peel of and they stick well on courier bags and boxes. One of the few really good label sheets that don’t roll up from the edges

    Shreyans Jhaveri

  45. TN user

    Good quality

    The stickers were of good quality. I certainly got value for my money.

    TN user

  46. BIJU

    4 Cut on A4 with 4 round corner stickers. Liked it very much. Does my job. Highly recommend it. Thanks


  47. VCR Customer



    VCR Customer

  48. Ali Shaikh

    not worked well on my printer

    Ali Shaikh

  49. Be Honest

    Top Quality Sticker.

    Very good product . Sticker quality is more then expected . It is better then top branded stickers

    Be Honest

  50. Sathesh B Nair

    Good to use


    Sathesh B Nair

  51. VCR Customer

    Good product

    VCR Customer

  52. VCR Customer

    Great product for online retailers. Go for it without hesitant.

    Great product… way better than what is found in wholesale rate in Govind puri new delhi.If u stick the sticker and remove it within minutes it comes off very easy but if you leave it for 1 hours or more it sticks like crazy… it wont come out. If someone tries to take it out it will tear which is perfect for online retailers as it helps to reduce package stealing in transit by courier boys. 

    VCR Customer

  53. Aisling

    Nice product for VCR sellers

    The product is easy to use and as per specification. Brings down the processing time. Will recommend it to buyers.


  54. Anisha Gupta

    Its an okay product

    Need more Adhesion .But overall not bad-work gets done .Only worried about rainy season for adhesion

    Anisha Gupta

  55. sidhardha

    Not perfect.

    Size is not perfect..


  56. Yamini

    Not worthy

    Poor sticking


  57. Sheetal Chhabra

    Good Adhesion and print quality

    Satisfied with the purchase… quality was really good. Will repurchase same one again!!

    Sheetal Chhabra

  58. Ishwar Singh


    I have tried printing labels multiple times but it”s kinda impossible to print the correct size.

    Ishwar Singh