VCR Spiral Cable Charger Protector for Data Cable Wires – Protector for all types of Wires – Chargers – Cables and Cords – 4 Pieces in 1 Pack

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  • VCR Spiral Cable Charger Protector are DURABLE in nature. Made with high-quality flexible PVC Silicone material. Cable Protects wire from external harm, dirt, and entanglements.
  • VCR Cable Protectors are used widely for phone cables, mouse wires, phone chargers, headphones, computer chargers, laptop chargers, and lightning cables.
  • Cables are very easy to install and fit most all small and medium-size wires around the body. The use of wire helps to relieve stress as well, even better it gives good look to YOUR cable.
  • The VCR Cables are designed with high-quality Silicone that is applied to the phone charger to prevent it from its wear and tear, VCR Cables are not for rough use.
  • The Cables not only protect all your USB wire cables/cords but the VCR SPIRAL TUBE FEATURE gives a good feeling and is fun to install on any wire ends or even in middle.

 17.00  47.00 + GST

In stock (can be backordered)

  • VCR Spiral Cable Charger Protector are DURABLE in nature. Made with high-quality flexible PVC Silicone material. Cable Protects wire from external harm, dirt, and entanglements.
  • VCR Cable Protectors are used widely for phone cables, mouse wires, phone chargers, headphones, computer chargers, laptop chargers, and lightning cables.
  • Cables are very easy to install and fit most all small and medium-size wires around the body. The use of wire helps to relieve stress as well, even better it gives good look to YOUR cable.
  • The VCR Cables are designed with high-quality Silicone that is applied to the phone charger to prevent it from its wear and tear, VCR Cables are not for rough use.
  • The Cables not only protect all your USB wire cables/cords but the VCR SPIRAL TUBE FEATURE gives a good feeling and is fun to install on any wire ends or even in middle.
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  1. Suman ShrivastavaSuman Shrivastava

    Sturdy, a must for thin charging cables.

    This saved my aging cord from completely breaking up. Looks pretty and feels durable.I bought these for almost all the charging cords at home, be it mobile, ipad or laptop.

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    Suman ShrivastavaSuman Shrivastava

  2. aanand krishnaaanand krishna

    Value for money

    Looking cool and it is definitely going to increase the life of the cable. Will be more appreciated if the Color option should be little bit better like all of them (black/white) as maximum cables do belong to these colours. As far as the quality, I do believe it’s really awesome.

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    aanand krishnaaanand krishna

  3. AG Bengaluru

    Necessary for Original Apple Cables and..

    VCR Spiral Charger Cable Protector Data Cable Saver Charging Cord Protective Cable Cover: These are made of silicone and are much necessary for original apple cables which are very delicate. These cable protectors will provide extra support at stress points for the cable wire particularly near the connectors. These cable protectors once fixed stay put even if you are moving the cables around. However, if the prices of these cable protectors are dropped to Rs.10/piece or less, they could be used for every cable out there. In such a scenario, it will be a win-win for both consumers and manufacturers..

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    AG Bengaluru

  4. Mazhar ChowdharyMazhar Chowdhary

    It saves our expensive cables

    If I am saving a cable worth ₹1500/- or more for just ₹27/-, then we need not to say anything more. The product speaks itself. I am using it since 4 days and I think this product will justify its worth.

    Mazhar ChowdharyMazhar Chowdhary

  5. Riya

    Too expensive considering the quality and quantity

    Just 8 pieces of silicon coils (measuring around 2.5 cms in length)


  6. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Great products

    A very useful product to increase the life of your wires! Received the product as is in the picture. The material is rubber so would last long enough. It fitted in all the normal charger sized wires! It is durable and value for money

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    Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

  7. Haritha ReddyHaritha Reddy

    Good to go for it especially for apple gadgets

    Worth to buy this product..My ofce providedApple laptop to work which is having damaged wire , everytime I’m worried abt ableBreakage..now i found good solution for it.EspeciallyIn lockdown period we may not use proper seating table for work,this is the best way to avoid cable breakage

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    Haritha ReddyHaritha Reddy

  8. sajjan kumarsajjan kumar

    go for it without a second thought

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     cables are very costly so need great protection and just spending 100 all my cables are protected which is really good.. easy to install and looks good. available in a different color. i would suggest always purchase even no( 2,4,6…) of cable so that you can get same color at both end 

    sajjan kumarsajjan kumar

  9. Imran S.Imran S.

    Great for Apple cables, Not so great for OnePlus Fat cables.

    Works great with apple devices as they have a thinner cable. Although not a great fit for One plus, as they have thick cables, but gets the job done, I would still recommend you get something else for fat cables. I am not sure how it will last on OnePlus though because I am extending it beyond limit. I had to install it in reverse of it is supposed to be installed like you can see in apple cable, because when I tried to it the correct way it just won’t attach onto the top part of cable. 1 pack contains four of these things. I received 2 such packs. 8 Spirals, they make a 4 pair. As they are assorted, thankfully the ones I received match in color.Price: I have noticed sellers listing these things for anywhere between Rs.50 and Rs.200 based on number of pairs offered or just pure. Honestly, get the cheapest one you can find from any seller. There is no difference among them. I ordered from 2 different sellers, Product is of same quality.Hope this helps!

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    Imran S.Imran S.

  10. Ankit Dasgupta

    Worth it

    I had a lot inhibitions before buying this for my tech wires, I own a Macbook and other gadgets hence, I have a lot of wires to manage when it comes to their longevity and you know how fragile wires in general are, I invested in this and to be honest they do the job pretty well. Go for it. PS. Awesome colors!

    Ankit Dasgupta

  11. suvadeep

    Only Time Will Tell!!!

    Bough this as a preventive measure after my Mac charger faced a cable rupture. These are extremely cost effective, colors are vibrant and looks okay. I hope they will protect the cables in the long run. Give it a shot if you want to prolong the lives of your cables.


  12. ID

    Must have for iPhone users

    product is exactly as described, would recommend all iphone users to buy it at it will enhance the life of your lightning cable.Product is very reasonable priced too


  13. kanhaiya agarwal

    nothing great, hard plastic product

    the plastic is hard and takes some effort putting on the cable, for a moment i was worried that i’d damage my Apple cable more while putting it on, was fine however!will update again after using for some time.

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    kanhaiya agarwal

  14. gaurav raj

    Best for cables

    Awesome product. Best at this prize. Usable and durable for all type of cables. Would recommend this at this price. Valuable product.

    gaurav raj

  15. Rakesh ReddyRakesh Reddy

    Best protection for apple cables

    Best protection for apple cables.We can use it for other cables alsoFor apple cables its fit perfectI strongly recommend this product.For rs 108 getting 2 NOSIt’s mean 8 piecesWe can use it for 4 cables 

    Rakesh ReddyRakesh Reddy

  16. Kishore

    Nice product to protect the charger cables

    Nice product to protect charger cables wires from breakage at the edges. I prefer to everyone very useful for apple charger cables.


  17. Junaed KhanJunaed Khan

    Good quality cable protector

    One of the best purchase you can make as it will protect your cables and wires of the device and accessories you own

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    Junaed KhanJunaed Khan

  18. Prateek M.

    A must buy for all who can’t afford buying new earphones

    This will definitely help you live with your earphones and cables longer . A must buy for every iPhone user belonging to middle class familyIf you can afford to buy another earphone immediately after spoiling current earphone this is just waste for you as it’s not for looks and only for rough useProvides tensile strength on bends

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    Prateek M.

  19. Buyer!

    Go for it! A good buy

    The spiral wire is difficult to wrapBut it has definitely given my mac charger some protection.Also the end spirals are good

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  20. rohan waghmare

    Go for it

    nice product in this prices if ur gettinf in local market for less price go for that but if not purchase here

    rohan waghmare

  21. Mathumitha

    Perfect cable protector

    Value for money

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  22. Amazon Customer

    Not to buy

    I purchase this item for my Android phone charger.But not to usefull… After wrap this item still my wire gets cut… Nd the cut is increases…Do not go with this item

    Amazon Customer

  23. Sam4uSam4u

    Good addition to protect cable damage

    Nice product and good material. Must have to protect cable damage from end due to bending. Received the product same day from Amazon.

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  24. jacob joseph

    A stab in the back to those flimsy original/compatible easy to rip cables

    Brought this for my old charger cable which was almost showing the wires underneath the plastic sheath due to the wear near the ends. A new cable would cost anywhere up from 200. Insted, the one point solution to that problem is this product which protects the cable from strain when hanging and also wear and tear due to friction.Having ordered this a 2nd time, now i have half a dozen items in my home with these multi coloured cable protectors , including my headphones.Too bad i couldn’t save my previous cheap everyday use headphones from going deaf on one side.Better late than never

    jacob joseph

  25. Deepak

    Durable and colorful !

    Does what it says , very handy for Apple cables , if you own Apple products then this is a much needed product, it’s colorful so you will never mistake someone else’s charger for yours !.


  26. Govinda

    Not useful as they have given in description for iPad charger

    Not useful as they have given in description for iPad charger


  27. Ankit Jain

    Not useful

    Not useful for thick cables like one plus phone.

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    Ankit Jain

  28. Sushanta

    Most useful thing

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     The package was packed nicely. I got 2 packets of cable protector, as you can see I have opened one packet and used in my USB cable.The colors are very nice. You get 4 in one packet. It cost me 149/- Rs.This is very useful for my headphones wire and my USB cable also as it keeps getting torn at the part. So I would say this is a great 👌 product if you don’t want to get your cable wire to be torn. Though it may be small but it is one of the most useful thing.Thank you amazon for the amazing product!


  29. Amit Dey


    I’m using this Product its really value for money.Easy to Install, Good Build Quality, Very useful for wire Protection, Go for It! 👍

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    Amit Dey

  30. Pooja Shetty

    Good purchase

    Attractive colors and durable material. Fits my one plus and other chargers well. Little loose on the mouse cable. Worth the price.

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    Pooja Shetty

  31. Amit juneja

    Best thing that can protect your charging cables.

    Thank god finally I got something that can protect my charging cable to get damage. I spend thousands of rupees on replacing my lightning cable, now finally I got a solution to save money.

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    Amit juneja

  32. PK3

    Does what it says, good price

    Product arrived on time and in good shape. I advise you go for the 8 pack because for 20 rupees more than 4 pack you get 4 extra pieces. The rubber seems good quality and was easy to install. It seems to be working well- i was getting low voltage shocks on my iphone due to a hard bend in the wire due to wierd positioning, now wire doesnt bend, no shocks.

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  33. The_ragingbull

    Great to protect damage of thick cables

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     Great to protect traction and prevention of damage to terminal ends. Not suited for thin wires. Use a normal pen ka spring for that. Suited for slightly thick wires like charger, headphones etc.


  34. AMIT

    Don’t buy it.

    It would be nice to have it installed at first. Will you leave after a few days?


  35. utpal bhatt

    Useful and inexpensive cable protectors

    I ordered 2 packets to protect my iPhone and Mac cables, but I found them so useful I ordered two more

    utpal bhatt

  36. Abi Abi

    Good one

    It’s ok product at this price range but overall was disappointed as I got this thing some other place with better quality 

    Abi Abi

  37. Sanjay sanpal

    Thanks 😊 Amazon

    Good 👍 quality nice workJust go for it

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    Sanjay sanpal

  38. Amazon prime memberAmazon prime member

    Quite rubbery

    The spiral rubbery pieces are quite sturdy and can easily cover even a thick cable of fast chargers. Although online it is bit on an expensive side but considering shipping cost the price is ok. The quality of Amazon products is reliable.

    Amazon prime memberAmazon prime member

  39. Avantika

    Good but Slips

    The protectors are good, only thing being that they slide down very often away from where they are supposed to be, manual re-adjustments may be required very often. Apart from that quality is good, and do the job well!


  40. Jillilla Hemanth kumar

    Good Product

    Good product for cable joint durability. 

    Jillilla Hemanth kumar

  41. samuel

    Best solution for ripped apple cables

    No longer have to worry about my apple chargers wires getting ripped perfect product for apple users most recommendedA+++ seller 5* rating 


  42. MOHIT D.

    Just ok. Price on higher side than quality n usability.

    Found it not rugged as expected. Just ok product for charger cables only.

    MOHIT D.


    Durable Product

    It really helps to avoid tearing of your charger.I’m using it for my Laptop and Mobile charger.Great deal at this price along with quality 👌🏻👌🏻


  44. Hiten

    Tops it all

    Cent percent a good buy if your have apple products as the wires tend to break at the joints.

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  45. Divya SharmaDivya Sharma

    Useful for all types of round cables/wires around the house

    These are good to increase the durability of charger cables and other cables around the house. Perfect for round cables of different sizes, but no such product for Flat cables (like OnePlus flat wire chargers). Super cheap and which is a big plus.

    Divya SharmaDivya Sharma

  46. smmaru

    Useful item.

    Useful item. Cost is only of the idea. A bit expensive looking to the material cost.



    Does it’s job

    This product is very helpful especially for I-Phones cables, In all these years i lost at least 4 wires due to tangling / twisting but after purchasing this product my cable looks exactly the same from the day i started usin Cable Protector.


  48. Abhi

    Useless purchase

    Never thought it would be such useless a buy. Cables are still bending and breaking at the edges



    looks good

    nice product

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  50. Dmitriy Salynin

    how did i live without them before:)

    besides protection from bending, which is great and flexible, provides easy grip for the phone charging end and any other end of charging wires. first purchase of this device and I think its a very useful little thing. great price for 8 pieces

    Dmitriy Salynin

  51. Am Cust

    Excellent product

    Works great for USBs (but earphone cable would be too thin for it). It’s a wonderful way to increase lifespan of any medium sized cable actually. Even used it on the kitchen hand blender cable and the one for the chimney. Reasonable price.

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    Am Cust

  52. Amazon Customer

    Happy with my purchase

    Nice product .protects wires from bending at the ends. Value for money and serves its purpose well. Bought it twice.

    Amazon Customer

  53. Parvez Fazili

    Nice one

    Saves cables from damage at crucial jn. Worth purchase

    Parvez Fazili

  54. Gopi Anand

    Very useful product

    These small and tiny products are so useful for your mobile charging cables, USB cables, even for your laptop chargers. The price is so nominal but more importantly it’s so useful. Highly recommended

    Gopi Anand

  55. Manoj Pennam

    Good product

    Good material.

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    Manoj Pennam

  56. MantuMantu

    Superb quality at this price point!!

    Value for money and does its job..!!!Pros:1. Made of rubber.. doesnt slip here and there2. Value for money.3. Sturdy and durable4. Been using it with my apple charger no wear and tear on the cable so far…Cons:1. There are no complaints till nowOverall… go for it !!!

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  57. Ripal Kadakia

    Recommended for original apple accessories

    Would recommend to use this product so as to avoid breaking of original apple cables from the end. I ncreases your original Apple cables life.

    Ripal Kadakia

  58. Amazon Customer

    It’s a decent product

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     Value for money. Only time will tell if it can actually protect the wires or not

    Amazon Customer

  59. Ketan Vadhavana

    Not useful at all

    Too flexible and flimsy. I don’t think it can protect the cable at all. Don’t waste money. Same for other similar items too.

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    Ketan Vadhavana

  60. Shonu10

    Good quality but lose for Apple charger cables!

    I actually bought this after reading through all the reviews and read in some places that it was not good for ‘thick’ cables. But for me it is the opposite, I have an Apple charger (phone) and this is lose! it doesn’t stay on and even for my apple headphone 🙁 it keeps slipping down.For the Macbook charger it is a perfect fit.Quality – Very goodPrice – GoodFit – Literally depends on what phone/laptop charger you have! For my apple chargers and headphones it was LOSE. It fits perfectly for thick cables…

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  61. Likith Likith

    Worth buying to protect your expensive cables

    You get 8 pieces totally (4 in 2 seperate boxes)They tell that you get black ones ,but you can see that they’ve sent all wierd colors , doesn’t matter unless you want to protect the wires from wearing out …plus in this price range ,all other products on Amazon give 2-6 pieces only , this seller gives 8 , though of different colors , I feel it is more worth.. Got this for 108 rs , worth and of good quality

    Likith Likith

  62. SelvakumarSelvakumar

    Spiral charger cable protection.

    Good product… I had no idea this kind of stuff was available in this market.. because my charger cable 6month to 1yr Definitely a one time damage.. so now I bought this item.. Thank you Amazon….!

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  63. lester

    Good for small Size cable

    Looks nice colourful bt doesn’t fit for high speed cable like OnePlus bt still giv little protection for the cable that’s y I didn’t returned


  64. Sanket B.

    Value for money product!

    Very much happy with the quality of the product and usefulness in protecting the cable… Excellent experience!

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    Sanket B.

  65. Amazon Customer

    Very nice

    Job well done. Fits perfectly well on the apple charger cables. Good to extend the cable life.

    Amazon Customer

  66. Curious ShopperCurious Shopper

    The most useless product I have ever bought online.

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     It doesn’t make any difference after putting it on the cable, it’s simply an useless product. You could get better protection for 10 rs. Form outside.. waste of money.

    Curious ShopperCurious Shopper

  67. Touseef KariyaniaTouseef Kariyania

    Awesome product, Durable, Superb quality, feeling relaxed.

    This product is damn good. Initially i was thinking that my Sennheiser hands-free will have no more life, but this product has given assurity that it will last longer without any stress. It will give protection to the wire where it is torn or scratched.I have added photos for reference. It’s useful product and i totally recommend to go for this.Extremely flexible, and sturdiness to ensure it will protect the damage happened inside.Completely value for money.Thank you 💗. 

    Touseef KariyaniaTouseef Kariyania

  68. Dipendu Ghosh

    A good buy.

    Protects the cables and the product is as described. Worth the buy.

    Dipendu Ghosh

  69. pramitpramit

    Go for it.

    Good enough product to protect your cables, however very thin cables don’t fit well so not sure if that’s really much protective. I’ve put them on my USB wires, my charging type c, my laptop charger, etc. I got 8 of these for 150 bucks, which is a great price!


  70. Himaghn J.Himaghn J.

    Best cable protectors

    I have been using cable protectors since the past 2 years and this company by far has the best quality I’ve used. The protector is very durable and the material is also highly reliable. Will definitely recommend if you want to purchase for your Apple cables

    Himaghn J.Himaghn J.

  71. Rishabh Jain

    Increases Durability

    It increases the Durability of the Chords, Charging wires, Earphones etc.

    Rishabh Jain

  72. nitesh kumar pandey

    Too costly than other sites like meesho

    Too costly than other sites like meesho. Isnt worth of this price. Serves the purpose only if you keep taking care of it by adjusting it (adjusting frequency depends upon your usage and cable thickness, how better it fits)

    nitesh kumar pandey

  73. Udhay Raghu Nath ReddyUdhay Raghu Nath Reddy


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     The quality of the products is great, and speaking the colour look great and doesn’t fadeThere are best fit for your Apple cable’s

    Udhay Raghu Nath ReddyUdhay Raghu Nath Reddy

  74. Arpan Das

    Don’t Buy

    The spring thing never stays at the junction point of either charger wire or headphone wire, just keep lingering through out the wire which is quite irritating, I have used on apple wires

    Arpan Das

  75. anamika shilpa

    Good protection for expensive gadget chargers.

    Till now it is doing the job it is supposed to. Very helpful to protect and increase longevity of expensive charging cables and laptop chargers especially Mac chargers.

    anamika shilpa

  76. Althaf m.

    Flexible , pretty good quality.

    Just brought it. Quality is pretty good, feels like rubber, very flexible , not hard as it seems.I hope it serves its purpose.Price isn’t tht high. So worth buying.

    One person found this helpful

    Althaf m.

  77. mukul chakraborty

    need to check

    good in qulaity, looks as well as durability. quite flexible too. but doesnt fit all types of cable , specially at joints. for example, u cannot fit this to the part where the wire connects to the adapter for laptop.for thin cables or wire, this is fine, but for thicker ones, u need to go for something else.

    mukul chakraborty

  78. chirag

    liked it

    It is soo much durable and can easily extend you expensive products life such as data cable, charger, aux cables, earphones and the best part i like the most is that it get fit on my laptop charger and it fits very well on it doing its job really great. Recommended for evertone.

    One person found this helpful


  79. MoumitaMoumita

    Good buy.

    Good buy! Value for money. I recieved 4X2 Cable protectors. Helps to secure your expensive wires 👻

    One person found this helpful


  80. Sagar Nemade

    Ordered it for second time

    Great product at affordable price… Help increase cable longetivity.

    Sagar Nemade

  81. varun kotianvarun kotian

    Good quality product

    Excellent product, investing on few bucks can save your 1.5k , good quality

    One person found this helpful

    varun kotianvarun kotian

  82. Om

    Life saviour for the fragile apple cables

    We have been using this since 4 years be and we always buy with the phone! Imagine how long they last. Except some colours are girlyI’m not a feminist 😎


  83. Abhi

    Good but…

    It’s a start and very good one though it hasn’t been perfected yet.Yes this will save your cable but ergonomics haven’t been thought through.- tends to slide on the cable- not as flexible- Partial protectionBut can’t complain for the price!!

    2 people found this helpful


  84. Vaibhav MishraVaibhav Mishra

    Good for Cables with Stylish look

    Product was good. It fits perfectly on my charging cable, i thought i will also be fit on my earphone cable but it was not as compared to my big cables.But it is still good for pretection of any cables.Liked it

    Vaibhav MishraVaibhav Mishra

  85. Goutam Suresh Tampi

    Useful & low price (within ₹110)

    Total of 8 pieces , which comes in 2 packets. It can only fit on big wires. If circumference of wire is small, then it will not stay fixed on one area. Will be able to analyze longevity only as time progresses. For the money paid, it seems reasonable

    Goutam Suresh Tampi

  86. Akshata

    Good product

    Helps in preventing the cable from tearing up.But doesn’t help with the ones which has already torn up.


  87. AnshumanAnshuman

    Easy to use. Wonderful product

    My phone charging cord joint section was already damage. Using this its life is going to extend as it is giving additional support in its movement


  88. S JS J

    Looks sturdy

    Colourful cord protectors look sturdy and were easy to put on. Hopefully they will do the job well. Will edit review if it fails its function.

    S JS J

  89. Anshu PAnshu P

    Useful product.

    A few pieces were not furnished properly but I needed them for my laptop charger so I cut the ends properly with a paper knife and used it. It’s a useful product that increases the life of your mobile/laptop chargers. Similar products are available at lesser prices but shipping charges make them costly so I opted for this product with free-delivery

    One person found this helpful

    Anshu PAnshu P

  90. ShashankShashank

    Save money in hundreds

    Excellent product, Many chargers I use have a common problem after 1 or 2 years of use is breaking of wire from both ends, this product helps to keep charger wire long-lasting. As new company original wires costs in hundreds, this tiny solution saves us a lot. Satisfied from purchase.


  91. iMaheshwari

    Durable Product

    The media could not be loaded.

     Great product. Strengthens the base of the charger.

    One person found this helpful


  92. SrinivasSrinivas

    Quality is Awesome

    It will protect your cables and wires of the device and accessories you own. 


  93. pradeep joseph

    Must have to protect your chargers, esp Mac

    Must have if you want to maintain your chargers. I have a Mac and would in no way want to take a chance testing the durability of the connector.The cable protectors look good and they do the job very well.

    pradeep joseph

  94. Aromica Bhattacharya

    Great to protect the ends.

    I have quite a few wires perpetually connected around the house which tend to split or fray over the years. Instead of throwing them out, I decided to repair them with plumbers tape and put on these covers to make the ends sturdier and it works like a charm. Of course, I am also using them on my newer wires to avoid the same wear-and-tear altogether. In both cases, they do their job well.

    Aromica Bhattacharya

  95. Muralikrishna Atluri

    Useful & Sturdy

    The spiral cable holders are perfect to support the cable ends.It also saved my charger cable on the verge of breaking down.

    Muralikrishna Atluri

  96. Harshit DeshmukhHarshit Deshmukh

    Must buy

    I liked this product it fits perfectly on my phone & laptop cables but I suggest dont buy it for earphones bucause these are loose for that.

    52 people found this helpful

    Harshit DeshmukhHarshit Deshmukh

  97. malay malay

    A Must Buy to Increase Your Cables Lifespan !!

    The delivery was on time !! It is really a good, colourful & sturdy product which will 100% increase the lifespan of all my cables….. The price is just right compared to its competitors…… Using it for my iPhone cable & iWatch Charger and it’s working great…. No issue So far……

    11 people found this helpful

    malay malay

  98. John Alfred

    One among the good cable protectors !!

    Fits well for thin cables like apple charging cables but not the same with other thicker ones.Colorful and does the job well.

    One person found this helpful

    John Alfred

  99. Rajesh shettyRajesh shetty

    Awesome stuff

    I love this product it’s very useful for chargers for long lasting awesome quality and good looking, recommend for all.

    Rajesh shettyRajesh shetty

  100. Rohit DasRohit Das

    Most affordable scrunchy in the market!

    It’s the cheapest in all of Amazon and the best quality charger wire protector available. It has multiple colors inside it and comes in 2 packs of 4. Has good texture and fits easily on any cable size.

    Rohit DasRohit Das

  101. Sai varmaSai varma

    Does the job!

    The media could not be loaded.

     It’s good not sure about durability but it’s not cheap looks great! I believe it’s over priced! But does the job.

    Sai varmaSai varma

  102. Amit Kumar singh


    The media could not be loaded.

     Good product for wire protection as we know Apple charger cable always brake neck on charging point this. As expected I got it.

    Amit Kumar singh

  103. Sameer

    It is the ONE THING everyone MUST BUY !!!

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     It is the ONE THING everyone MUST BUY !!!Most times it the smallest and cheapest and insignificant things that really add the MOST VALUE 😊👍✌️

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  104. Hussen Khan®️™️

    Good Quality

    Good Quality but half of the product price was charged for delivery.

    Hussen Khan®️™️

  105. Harsha P

    Value for money

    With low investment we can save the cables for longer time and use it.

    Harsha P

  106. kosaraju s.

    Exact product

    Used for my Microsoft laptop charger and phone charger.

    One person found this helpful

    kosaraju s.

  107. Subhang S.

    An innovative value for money product

    Value for money, a very innovative and good quality product.

    One person found this helpful

    Subhang S.

  108. Rashi vats

    Not a good product to buy!

    3rd Class Quality

    2 people found this helpful

    Rashi vats

  109. Vinay BhallaVinay Bhalla

    Excellent Product

    Excellent product! Fits perfectly on different size wires and provides extra bend ability to your charging wire. Looks good too. Recommended product. 

    Vinay BhallaVinay Bhalla


    Excellent quality.Just go for it

    Excellent build quality . Definitely serve its purposeMust buy.Just go for it.Thanks for the seller for fast delivery.

    One person found this helpful



    Awesome product, a must have!

    Great product and good value for money. It works wonders with all my cables, especially apple cables which have a reputation for coming apart at the joints. It is versatile as it is a snug fit on all brands and it looks very attractive too! A wise choice for whoever wants to extend the durability of chargers and cables. This is a product I’d highly recommend.

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  112. Sahil shah

    It is one of the easiest life hacks available. A must have product.

    Just lovely product. Have been using it since the past 2 months and have been extremely happy and satisfied with the product.

    Sahil shah

  113. B.Ganesh

    Mainly useful for apple cables

    It’s must try product for cables. Mainly fixes cable breaks and cuts. Recommended for apple cables and mobile charging cables.


  114. Prahas

    Good buy

    Based on the design, It appears to me that it protects the cable from peeling out on the edges. It is worth buying because all the apple cable accessories are prone to the damage. This definitely protects the charging cables. I wish all of them are white or black in color. But can’t complain much for this price.


  115. Kaustav Mandal

    Good item

    Item is good. It fits perfectly in my iphone charger thin wire but its bit too small for my android phone thicker chargers. But anyway does its job and quality is good.

    Kaustav Mandal

  116. Ankit C.

    The charging cable that came with my phone is delicate, this protection is very welcome

    I use a pixel 2 xl and the charging cable that came with the phone has that iPhone like soft cable quality, which while having lasted me almost 3 years, is showing signs of ageing and wear near the ends. These protectors have reassured me that the cables are a bit more safer and could last me just a bit longer, and the sturdiness of the coil keeps the cable propped nearly perpendicularly to the charger thereby reducing bends at the cable ends and also gives me confidence that in the event that I accidentally pull the wire it won’t instantly break.

    Ankit C.

  117. Shreya C.

    Would recommend

    The colours were really nice. They can’t be used on very thick or very thin cables but they fit perfectly on my mi charger cable. Also they were easy to attach and remove. Would recommend if you want cheap stuff that’ll work well.

    Shreya C.

  118. Sovan Kundu

    Seems to be nice quality. Fits loose for earpods.

    Fits nicely on charging cable but loose on earpods. Could have provided single or dual color packs instead of assorted multi-color packs.

    Sovan Kundu


    Got one item less but still that is fine!

    I have purchased 2 items of this unit(each unit contains 2). I have got 1 less than defined(8). However, I liked the quality and softness of the spiral which fits very easily with any type of wire. Thus, not asking for a replacement. My suggestion would be to go for it.By cost-wise, I think the vendor should come a little down on price.